The required criteria of application have been determined in accordance with the Program’s objectives. These terms are strictly required for successful application.

The Internship Program in the Regional State Administration is established by the Government, which aim is to ensure a new generation of professionals in the regional public administration, who are well-educated, committed to work in public administration and have the adequate practical experience finding their desired workplace. The internship period is 12 months, which can be spent in Hungarian local administrative bodies (in government agencies, professional management bodies, district offices, one-stop-shops for citizens). The internship places offered by the Prime Minister’s Office considering the result of the selection process and the HR needs of the host institutions. Interns are supported by mentors all the way through the internship program. After 12 months interns have the opportunity to start a career as a civil servant in case of successful completion of the program.

Application conditions:
•    Hungarian citizenship;
•    less than 35 years old;
•    university or college degree (equivalent to BA / BSc, MA / MSc or diploma awarded by a traditional five-year university or college training 3-4 years);
•    at the time of submitting the application the applicant does not possess any position in the public sector.
*In case of the applicants acquired their degree abroad they have to undertake its accreditation at the Hungarian Equivalence and Information Centre.

Other information for participants:
•    The duration of the internship contract the interns are not allowed to be employed in the public sector as a government leader, public servant, civil servant or in judicial, justice, and counsel position.
•    The interns’ status is specified in the 47. § of CSPS Act , in the Decree and in the Operating Regulation.
Important Information for All Applicants! After the successfully completed 12-month interns are appointed civil servants, rules of the appointment are written in the: §30-40. of CSPS Act. 

The amount of the Internship:
The monthly amount of the internship will be published in the Hungarian Official Gazette before the conclusion of the internship contracts.

Submission of the application
Interns can apply only via internet on the webpage after registration with completing of the application form.
They have to attach the following documents:
•    Hungarian CV (.doc, .docx, .pdf),
•    certificate of the university or colleges studies (.doc, .docx, .pdf)

Contacts and additional information:
Prime Minister’s Office – Department for Training in Government Offices
E-mail: BiAJIrDKbytLecW9OhzzxhNFIdGtvQG1lLmdvdi5odQ==