The aim of the Program is to ensure a new generation of professionals in the regional public administration, who are well-educated, committed to work in public administration and have the adequate practical experience finding their desired workplace in the diversified system of the public administration. On the basis of our experiences the aim is to set up an internship program that provides relevant alternatives to Hungarian young professionals who struggle with unemployment and live far from the capital.
In accordance with the decentralization effort of the Government the main objective of the Program is to offer the opportunity for interns to spend their internship mainly at regional government bodies (county seats). During the period of the internship, interns work in different local administrative bodies (especially with government agencies, professional management bodies, district offices, one-stop-shops for citizens). The places for the internship are offered by the Prime Minister’s Office in accordance with the interest of interns, the results of the selection process and the HR needs of the host institutions.